Modern problems of physics and chemistry of polymers


With this title, today (10.10.2023) in the main hall of the campus of the National University of Tajikistan on the basis of the Department of Solid State Physics of the Faculty of Physics is dedicated to the “75th anniversary of the creation of the National University of Tajikistan” and “Twenty years of study and development of natural sciences, precision and mathematics in the field of science and education (2020-2040)”, international scientific and practical conferences were held with the participation of scientists and researchers from scientific and educational structures of the country and abroad.

At the opening of the conference, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Safarmamadzoda Safarmamad welcomed the presence of guests of the international conference at the university and added that with the announcement of “Twenty years of study and development of natural sciences, precision and mathematics in the field of science and education” the study of exact sciences more than before, and the study of natural, exact, mathematical and technical sciences is compatible with the sustainable development of the country and ensuring its competitiveness in the world.

It was also emphasized that today’s conference will contribute to the development of scientific and practical ties and the development of international relations.

During the conference, guests and specialists from abroad, including from the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as representatives of universities and institutes of the country studying various aspects of physical science, including “Study of structural-phase transitions of liquid crystalline copolyesters.” during cyclic temperature tests”, “On the temperature field of polymer plates in the region of a continuous flow of ions in the air”,“Physico-chemical basis for the production of substances with high energy density based on aluminum”, “Directional and azimuthal instabilities of a liquid crystal cell in an electric field” and “Study of the influence of an external magnetic field on the bulk viscosity of electrically conductive materials”. magnetic fluids.”

We remind you that the international scientific and practical conference consists of three parts, within which more than 50 reports will be discussed.