One of the main tasks of science and knowledge is to solve human problems and create a good and easy life through discoveries, innovations and technologies. The scientific capacity of the state ensures the level of competitiveness of the country’s potential at the international and domestic level, and improves the quality of life of citizens. The source of discoveries and innovations is the development of natural, exact and mathematical sciences.

For the further development of these sciences, good educational conditions, that is, modern educational and scientific laboratories should be increased in high schools, colleges, as well as universities and institutes of the country, so that readers and students can, along with studying the theoretical aspect of the subject, learn the experimental way and in perform the action with your own hands. At the same time, it is necessary to have a good and knowledgeable specialist, an original and professional teacher who can attract the attention of the student to study, give accurate answers to their questions and guide them.

One of the ways to find good faces and professionals for the future can be organizing Olympiads, scientific seminars, various scientific competitions at the school, district, city and national level. Thus, the 3rd year of the republican contest “Science-Enhancement of Knowledge”, which is held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, in order to implement “Twenty years of training and development of natural sciences, precision and mathematics in the field of science and education” has been concluded. On the eve of the fourth round of this competition, I briefly talked with two or three high school students about the preparation process up to this round, successes and failures, mistakes, beliefs.

From the conversation with the students, I concluded that the students have tried a lot to reach this stage, they have worked hard and hope to win. The success or failure of issues related to the education and upbringing of students strongly depends on a successful teacher. In order to perform his work even better, the teacher must have professional training. In the process of his permanent activity, he should become familiar with and train with a number of programs prepared by relevant institutions.

The success of a teacher in his general life and his teaching activity is to some extent closely related to the general academic preparation. With all these possibilities, the teacher can help his students from the philosophy of life, struggle against its problems. Students, in turn, can contribute to the development of society in this way. For this reason, knowledge and general information in each chapter should be the main part of teacher’s professional training programs. However, we should not forget that good educational conditions are also one of the main ways of student development. At the beginning of the article, we expressed our opinion about the ways to find good faces and specialists, and we will continue to try to think about one of the ways to hold contests, for example, the contest “Science and Knowledge”. For 3 years, along with other competitions, the national competition “Science and Knowledge” has been held at a high level. It is not for nothing that the field is full of courage, and the republican competition “Science and Knowledge Promotion” is really a field that presents students, students, inventors and innovators of the country to the public at a high level. In this competition, all students, inventors and innovators gather, strive for victory, share knowledge and experience with each other, all of which can certainly contribute to the scientific perfection of each participant.

It is known from experience that one of the main ways to make the reader happy is to appreciate him. The structure of the republican contest “Science and knowledge promotion” was taken into account in such a way that it provided good conditions for the participants and winners and their recognition. For example, a student who gets an honorable place in this competition can enter any specialty of the country’s universities for free without taking an exam, and at the same time, those who have gone to the republican stage can, according to natural science, precision and technical specialties, become a student on a budget. Another opportunity for participants and winners of this competition is to get good money. That is, 35,000 somoni for the first place, 25,000 somoni for the second two places, and 15,000 somoni for the three third places. Also, the teachers whose students won the first, second and third places will be awarded the title of “Excellence in Education and Science”, as well as a sum of 10,000 somoni. Also, the leaders of each educational institution, the leaders of each city and district encourage the winners according to their capabilities. Of course, all these opportunities that have been created have a good effect on the progress, development and expansion of the knowledge and outlook of our students, and brave, literate and strong students will be successful in the end. If these students continue their studies in universities in the field of natural and technical sciences, they will become good and successful specialists and contribute to the development of the state and nation.

Khodiev M.H., head of the department of optics and spectrum