Valuable gift on the eve of President’s Day) In the context of the educational policy of the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, respected Emomali Rahmon, the leadership of the National University of Tajikistan is constantly taking new measures to improve scientific and educational opportunities. The next step was taken in light of the announcement of 2020-2040. “Twenty years of study and development of natural sciences, exact and mathematical sciences in the field of science and education.” In order to implement this twentieth anniversary (09/11/2023), a modern educational laboratory “Physics of the Microworld” and a spacious modern conference-hall were opened at the Department of Nuclear Physics of the Faculty of Physics of TNU. The opening of the laboratory and conference hall was attended by the rector of TNU, Professor Khushvakhtzoda K.Kh. and heads of various university structures. Before this, they visited an exhibition of scientific and educational achievements of the faculty, which was organized for public viewing. It was noted that the Laboratory “Physics of the Microworld” is a good and timely initiative for achieving the goals of the twentieth anniversary. It was reported that the laboratory, being the only one in Tajikistan, is equipped with educational equipment of the required level – technical, electronic, visual aids and necessary furniture. The laboratory has ten experimental works with all the necessary instruments and materials, and by performing them, students can learn more about the behavior of particles in the microworld.It is worth noting that experimental work is carried out in the areas of “Atomic Physics”, “Nuclear Physics”, “Nuclear Spectrometry”, “Radiation Safety of Humans and the Environment” and “Dosemetry”. In this laboratory, students of all specialties of the Faculty of Physics can undergo practical training. Laboratory work is provided with teaching aids and textbooks in the state language, prepared by teachers of the department. Practical classes in these areas of modern and innovative science are conducted by experienced teachers and talented youth. It was said that in this laboratory, students of other faculties of TNU, such as the faculties of biology, chemistry, geology and medicine, as well as teachers of related specialties of higher educational institutions of the republic, have the opportunity to become familiar with modern methods of diagnostics and physical analysis. In addition, the newly established laboratory can obtain information on the interaction of nuclear and ionizing radiation with organic and inorganic substances, since the laboratory has nuclear radiation sources such as neutron, gamma ray and electron sources. It was said that the opening of the “Physics of the Microworld” laboratory is a confident step in teaching young people how to use the achievements of modern and innovative science. At the same time, another memorable and historical event today was the opening of a modern conference hall and the start of operation of surveillance cameras over the educational process at the faculty. Surveillance cameras are useful for improving the education system. During the meeting, the rector of the university with the heads of various structures stated that the opening of a modern educational laboratory and a modern meeting room at the university for teachers, staff and students is a significant achievement and a valuable gift on the eve of the celebration of the Day of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan and the 75th anniversary of the university.